Mockinjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins !!!SPOILER!!!SPOILER!!!I really wish there were five stars on the top of my review, but unfortunately, I can't give them. I really, really liked this series and I loved the first two books (the first one a bit more than the second), but the third (and last) one ... not so much.I can't exactly say what I disliked the most, but I think it has much to do with the fact that we didn't really see the arena and we had no games. The games were the parts I liked the most of the first two books, and without them it was (for me) pretty boring to read.It's not that I can't understand why the plot turned out this way and why it had to do this. It's just ... it wasn't what I had expected, when I first started "The Hunger Games". All I knew was that it was about deadly games provided to the rich in form of Reality TV. I liked that and this scenario was what was really intriguing. I wished it would have stayed this way, instead of taking the turns it did in the end of "Catching Fire".Yes, I was curious what happened with District 13 and I was surprised, when Katniss - instead of running away to find out what was going on in 13 - had to go back to the Arena first, but that everything would turn into a war, was not what I had wanted to read.Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I might be one of only a few who never liked the final "Harry Potter" book (because of the war scenario) and maybe that's the reason why I am so disappointed with "Mockinjay"? I don't know ... But I know - once again - that I shouldn't expect to much, as I will only be disappointed.But in the end it still made me cry. Not when Prim died (that happened way too fast and unexpected for me to fully realize what had happened) but I cried, when the cat, Buttercups, came back and couldn't understand that Prim was gone :( The desperation Katniss had to make him clear that Prim was dead almost killed me. It was so heartbreaking.I liked that Katniss and Peeta stayed together, but I would have liked it, if Collins hadn't given us the Epilogue (I didn't like the one JKR gave us, either). Friendship would have been enough for me. And even though Gale was never my favorite character, I thought it was a bit unfair to just mention his whereabouts with ever telling us how Katniss really felt about it and how it affected her emotionally.Speaking of emotionally: I think Collins did a great job exploring the mess that was Katniss' inside. How the games affected her, how she dealt with the aftermath, with the consequences her actions caused, the uncountable deaths and the way Coins and Snow (and almost everyone else) used her. But, at times, it didn't felt like I was reading about a seventeen year old. Okay, she had to grow up fast, after her father died and especially when she took Prim's place in the games. But still ... sometimes, it didn't feel right that he teenager played such an important role (but then again ... Harry Potter was also only a little boy).Maybe I will read the whole series a second time in a few months (or next year), and maybe I will change my mind then. But for now, 3.5 stars are all I can give (3, because there are no 1/2 stars).And on a side note: I can't understand why this series is considered as a children book. I think it's too dark and brutal (especially part 3) to be a children book. Plus, many adults might miss the series, because they assume it really is something only kids would read.