Gregor #1: Overlander (Lib)(CD) (Underland Chronicles)

Gregor the Overlander  - Paul Boehmer, Suzanne  Collins First impression after 5 chapters (about 1 hour): It's more children book than the HG were, but it's still great and well written. Thee way Collins characterized Gregor and 2-year old "Boots" is so cute. I'm already in love with these kids.And Paul Boehmer is an excellent narrator.I just finished the book and I really, really enjoyed listening to it. Yes, it is a children book (not like "The Hunger Games"), but that doesn't mean you can't read it as an adult. It will make you smile, laugh, cry ... what else do you want from a fictional book.Gregor, the 11 year old main character is a hero, although he doesn't know it (or don't want to accept it) and the way he takes care of his little sister alone is hero material.Speaking of: "Boots" is such a cutie and they way Collins wrote her and how Boehmer reads her is too good. You have to read/hear it to know what I mean.So, if you liked "The Hunger Games" and you like fantasy (or even if it's not your favorite genre - like it isn't mine) you should give this first book a try.I'm glad I did and book #2 is already on my iPod ;)