Heat Rises (Nikki Heat)

Heat Rises - Richard Castle I just finished the book. It was the best one so far and I hope there will be many more to follow.I liked it much better than the first two (not that those were bad or poorly written) and, again, it was full of inside jokes (recurring themes/characters from the show, references to Bond Girl, Castle, Firefly, Kate Sackett ...) mixed with a tragic plot and interesting twists and turns. I had no idea who the bad guy was until the very end, which I really like about crime stories/thriller.The relationship between the characters reminded me of the ones on the show, and they were great (and sexy). At first, I was a bit afraid that Rock would be just the boytoy for Nikki in this book (not that this is a bad thing ...) but I turned out to be wrong. He played a great part in the story and I loved him from his first appearance until the last.The only minor irks were how Richard Castle wrote the german character and how he used the wrong German words. Btw, "Horst" is not really a modern/common name here in Germany ... But I know how Hollywood deals with German characters/references and I am used to it. It was only minor and not important enough to only give 4 stars.5 stars it is - and I really, really hope we will get another book.