Criminal (Will Trent, #6)

Criminal (Will Trent, #6) - Karin Slaughter This book was the one I most looked forward to to be released in 2012 and I could hardly wait for it to be sent to be kindle.And although I was so eagerly waiting for it I went into the book spoiler-free. I had no idea what I had to expect and when I found out that most parts of the book would be set in the past, dealing with the earlier life of Amanda I wasn't very happy. I felt it took away too much from my favourite characters - Will and Sara and also Faith - and since Amanda was never a character I was really interested in, I was a bit disappointed after reading the first quarter of the book.But this feeling very much changed once I got used to the 1970s plot and learned how it all affected the present times, I very much enjoyed the book. It was an interesting plot, many red herrings I had no idea what to make of them, and in the end ... well, in the end it all made perfect sense and Karin Slaughter delivered the happy ending (sort of) I had expected. Now I even like Amanda and I can see what made her the person she is today and why she does things in her way.I hope the next book will be as awesome as all books Karin Slaughter wrote featuring Sara and Will.