Growing Pains

Growing Pains - Billie Piper I knew Billie from her time on "Doctor Who" and I became a huge fan or her and her role, Rose Tyler. When I learned that she had written a book, there was no other way but to order it and read it.Growing pains was the first biography I've read and I learned a lot about the person Billie Piper, as well as what it means to be famous and watched 24/7. I was shocked by her revelations about her eating disorder and reading how she dealt (or not dealt) with it had a great influence and the way I became aware of what I was doing to by body by eating almost nothing, excessive workout and controlling my weight every morning. After I had finished her book it was like I woke up from a nightmare. I changed my life completely, and I haven't set food on a scale ever since (for two years now). Yes, I've gained some pounds and I don't always like my body, but, thanks to Billie, I know what I was doing to my body and how wrong it was.But that's not the only reason why I recommend this book. If you are a fan of Billie's work you should read it. And if not ... well, you should, too, and become a fan.