Die Wächter

Die Wächter (Taschenbuch) - John Christopher, Johannes Piron I've been a huge John Christopher fan ever since I first watched "The Tripods" more than 23 years ago. I was still a child and scared by the Tripods, but also fascinated by the plot, the characters and this whole universe Christopher created.For a while (especially, after the series ended after only 2 parts - out of 3) I focused on something else, but a few years back my parents made me the best birthday present ever by getting me the dvds.I started re-watching the show and the hype was back. I tracked down every book I could get hold of, and except for a few books (that are out of print) I read everything."The Guardians" was one of the books I recently found and read.It's not comparable to "The Tripods" (these will always be outstanding and the best Christopher has ever written) but it was good. A young adult book I - as an adult - enjoyed reading. The plot is fascinating and had surprising twists. Unfortunately, the end is a bit to abrupt and you close the book with the feeling that you've missed something; it's as if the story isn't done yet and you expect for chapters to follow. Unfortunately, there are no more chapters and I am a bit unsatisfied by that. Thus, only 3 stars.