How I Live Now

How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff I have no idea what drew my interest to this book in the first place. Maybe it was the idea of the end of the world I happen to read quite often these days or something else. But it doesn't matter. I ordered the book and read it before everything else that is still sitting on my shelfs waiting to get some attention.I loved it. After a few pages I was close to put it away again, but I'm glad I didn't. The writing style is so different from what I've read before and at times it felt like reading the rambling of a ten-year- old. But then I realized that this special style - lots of run-on sentences and no quotation marks and sentences that were 10 or more lines long - was in fact what carried the plot.The main character is living a confusing life and when the story starts her life is about the get even more confusing; far away from home, love, a war, not knowing if she can survive being a fugitive without much to eat or without knowing what happened to the people she loved.Once I got used to the writing style I hardly could put the book down until I finished it. And now that I have I feel a bit empty.